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Basement Waterproofing

Have you noticed signs of water damage in your basement? Maintech Works has the solution. We solve all kinds of wet basement problems, like leaks, humidity and musty smells to give you a basement that’s dry and healthy.

Types of Basement waterproofing;
  1. Negative side waterproofing system
  2. Positive side waterproofing system
Negative side basement waterproofing

This technique involves applying waterproofing treatment from the inside of the structure or on the retaining wall face which is not in contact with water source however it does not prevent water from entering the substrate.
Where no access to positive side, it is the most cost effective waterproofing method. It has the advantage of accessibility as any repairs and updates to the waterproofing system post construction can be installed with ease. Additional cost that comes with removal and replacement of the perimeter soil is not necessary.
Negative waterproofing being tricky exercise we offer robust system incorporating a highly experienced experts with professionally executed works alongside world renowned quality waterproofing products to unbeatable outcome of credible workmanship.


Positive side basement waterproofing

On the contrary, this is where it is carried out on the outside face or on the retaining wall face that is directly in contact with the water source.
This (if access available) is always recommended over negative side as it is designed to block the initial ingress of water.

It is easy to apply with higher success rates and relatively much lesser prices. It has an added advantage in offering protection to the substrate against corrosive materials from the surrounding soil.




Other basement waterproofing technologies;

Basement waterproofing means protection from moisture, undesirable liquids and gases as applied to the below grade structures, which are subject to foundation failure, distress, and moisture-related problems
French drain installation is a technique we use on an existing basement concrete floor slab to relieve underground water pressure

When basements have moisture problems, you, your home, your facility and everyone in it suffers. Anything stored in a damp basement is subject to mildew, and the wetness provides the perfect conditions for pathogens like mold and bacteria.

So not only does your damp basement feel, look and smell unpleasant, but it can also lead to health concerns and property damage. You can mitigate this by choosing us or your basement waterproofing needs.
We know a waterproof basement provides a healthier, happier home environment. And get you more profits from your properties

We’ll help you eliminate the moisture problem in your basement and get back that valuable space in your home & properties.