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Nairobi, Kenya

About Us

Maintech Works are the leading waterproofing specialists and contractors in the market. We work as an association of experts, specialized in major building trades including waterproofing systems. Our sophisticated services work to protect your investment from the elements.

George Oyange

Mr. George Oyange

Maintech Works was registered in Kenya as a business entity in the year 2002, and incorporated as a limited liability company in the year 2008. Mr. George Oyange, is the lead technician at Maintech Works. He has vast experience since graduating in Architect Design from Teskin Colllege in the year 1997

 We have undertaken many successful projects ranging from family homes to large corporate institution buildings. We have a rich portfolio of clients we’ve worked with, including the State House, Nairobi. This ultimately tells you that when you give us a job to do for you, you entrust your property to experienced, and trustworthy hands that will ensure that your building investment is restored to good condition that you can count on into the future
What is Waterproofing?

Our main business is waterproofing. You may be wondering what this means and where it applies. Well, in simple terms, waterproofing is the act of making an object virtually impervious to water. At Maintech Works, we do structural waterproofing using products (commonly refereed to as membrane and coatings) to protect the contents of that structure, as well as make it protect the integrity of that structure.